"Anything can happen in life just make sure you make the best of it"
(Poetry, art, stories, my life -anything goes)


Secret Whisper

come a little closer to me

let the softness of my voice drift in to your ear

like a lullaby

but will you fall into my heart

after i tell you the secrets

the ones i want you to know

that is

there are others

but you’ll find out soon enough

if you choose to stay.

i can read your mind

with the tips of my fingers

dangling from lap

on to your arm

and my ears fill with the sound of your heart beat

each word picking up the pace

The Happy For Now

Finally i am brought back to my happiness

shaking off the old dirt

i’ve grown use to the dark

but now my eyes will see light

i’m no longer holding on to the past

but to forget it

will turn my futures course into the blackest of holes

breathing in the new air

my lungs will fill with silk

and my once broken heart

will have no scars 

and my eyes shall once again hold light

If you listen, I'll listen.: A Girl


You don’t understand the thoughts in my head

The way I act or how I speak

You don’t understand the way I am

You only see the outer me

A girl

With very little verbal words

But ton of words and letters filling her cranium

I can be quite shy

A girl

Who often covers her mouth when giggles…

That Place We’ve All Been

just think about it now

its probaly kiling you inside

leading you to places you said you’ll never go

but thats a lie

you’ve been there before

and now that you returned

who knows if you’ll ever make it out

The Door

When all else fails try a different method

maybe your going about this all wrong

maybe those walls don’t hold tragedy

maybe behind that door

that door you’ve been dreading to touch the knob of

is your happiness

what you always wanted

but your so  scared,

so alone that even though you hate it

you’ve grown use to it

as so you sit and ponder

wishing you had life

and you will if you just open the door

but you refuse

and so darkness clouds you.

The Photograph

"Smile with you eyes".

Smiling with your eyes is hard to do

when your eyes are the window to your soul

and your soul is darkened

not the kind of dark as in evil

but the kind of dark as in sad

or depressed.

But in someway to have a sad soul is evil,

but lets not get them mixed up.

As the Photograph is taken

a piece of me relaxes.

Each flash of light

hypnotizes me,

taken me back to my reoccurring dreams.

I try to shake it off and pose in a different way,

but its harder than it looks.

Focus, Natalia, Focus.

Another glare of light,

it gets stronger.

“Just One More…”

And it all turns……….black

The Wait

I love the way you look at me

The way You touch me

And how tightly you hold me 

Its like you never want to let me go

And honestly if I could see you

If i coud touch you

If i could taste your lips

My heart is yours

the only thing is I havent met you yet

Anonymous asked
Tell me honestly, where does your heart lay?

in my chest cavity…….. my heart has been in lots of places where it shouldn’t of but i gained a lot from it and honestly i feel as though its where it should be for now but hopefully soon to be held by another lover.

Will You Let Her Walk Away?

Some day some where i’ll see you,

you’ll be sitting there either reading or writing

 and i will be enjoying a cup of coffee for the first time in weeks.

I’ll be sitting across from you

probably doing the same as you.

You’ll take a break

from what ever your you where doing

and see me pretending to be busy,

but actually i’ll be thinking,

wishing i had someone to enjoy the time with.

You’ll think about how attractive i am,

rather or not im worth the time

and come to some conclusion

regarding the male philosophy

then go back to what you where doing before hand

forgetting about me.

Coming back to reality

i’ll glance over at you

taking you in

just enough to make me wish i had a relationship.

My journal i carry will find itself opened

filling itself with ink forming words

absorbing the emotions and frustration i carry.

When i’m finished I’ll sigh

and put away whatever i was working on before hand

along with the journal.

My table will be clared

except for that cup of coffee.

I’ll look once again at you

thinking i had mind control

wishing you would come talk to me,

but of course it wouldn’t work

and ill take a sit of the semi-chilled coffee,

sigh again and slowly put on my coat

hoping you’ll hear and see the commotion.

Maybe you will hear my chair move,

and even see me put on my coat

but one thing is for sure 

you would let me,

no, the one who could possibly be that Some One

walk pass you and out the door.

just a memory


I tell you things I’d not dare speak to another soul. I express myself in ways id never thought possible. I do everything in my power to keep myself from fading from your line of view, but I already know it’s tooo late.

I’m already a memory ..